A Summer Of Perfect Picnics Starts At Your Favorite Bakery Or Deli

Posted on: 14 July 2017

Don't wait another day to plan a picnic with those you love. It doesn't require a lot of preparation or work, especially when you stop at your favorite bakery to pick up the star of the show- the bread. Consider also ordering fresh sandwiches from your local deli. Make time to enjoy more picnics this summer, and make things easier when you do.

Start your picnic plates right with a trip to your favorite bakery or deli:

Kaisers. Fresh-baked Kaisers are excellent for picnic sandwiches, or simple to eat with charcuterie and antipasti. Ask your merchant about Kaisers with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or onion flakes for something savory to snack on.

Flatbread. There are so many ways to prepare and enjoy flatbread, but perhaps the best way is at a picnic alongside some hummus or dip. You can tear pieces of flatbread to eat with olive tapenade or an aged cheese- perfect picnic fare!

Potato bread. Potato bread is heavier and denser than other types of white bread, and it has a bit of a sweet taste. It is delicious with spreads, like ham salad or tuna, and it is also great with some honey-butter and berry jam. Try bringing potato bread to your picnic with simply a drizzle of honey to enjoy alongside pickled vegetables and fresh fruit.

Whole-grain. If you are trying to stick to a healthy eating regimen, you may want to go with a whole-grain bread or roll. These breads are typically dense enough to eat without a heavy filling, but with just a thin sliver of smoked salmon, salty prosciutto, or sharp cheddar cheese.

Focaccia. Focaccia is made for picnics! These tasty flatbreads are usually baked with herbs, spices, and oils to give them a distinct flavor. Ask your baker what kinds of Focaccia is fresh today, and take a loaf along on a picnic with a few briny olives and a bottle of dry wine or sparkling water.

Hawaiian rolls. Hawaiian rolls are sweet and soft, which makes them perfect for a simple chicken salad with toasted walnuts and fresh green grapes. Add a spoonful of Greek yogurt to the dressing for a tangy taste that melds well with the sweet bread.

Sometimes all that you need for a perfect picnic is a loaf of good bread, a chunk of cheese, and something cold to drink; add to that a sunny day and good company, and you are all set! Stop by your favorite bakery to pick-up a loaf of something fresh-baked, or make it all the easier with sandwiches made fresh from the deli, that promise to be the star of your picnic. For more information, contact companies like Cogman's Creek.